mercoledì 28 settembre 2016

More than 1 million wild pangolins have been killed in the last decade. Photo: Paul Hilton/WCS.

The Channel Tunnel

In celebration of the 67th Anniversary of the 国庆节 (National Day of the People’s Republic of China) on October 1, 2016, 上海 (Shànghăi) Media Group (SMG) will broadcast, through its network of channels, a non-stop flow of patriotic films, documentaries and reports. Olympic Goddess 吴敏霞 (Wú Mǐnxiá) will appear on October 1 at 20,00 on Great Sports channel in an interview talk show devoted to Rio Olympics golden youth. Photo:

Look who’s talking!

Antonio Albanese playing the role of Cetto La Qualunque, a corrupt, perverted Calabrian with organized crime connections, right-wing Senator, running as candidate with a platform based mainly on “abundance of attractive women” (cchiù pilu pi tutti, which is also the title of a book released by Albanese using the character’s name). The character was featured first on Albanese’s own TV show Non c’è problema (There’s no problem), aired on Rai 3 in 2003, but achieved more success when proposed at Mai dire domenica on Italia 1. It is currently staged by Albanese on a weekly basis on the program Che tempo che fa aired on Rai 3. In 2011 was released Qualunquemente, a feature length movie about him, and in 2012, the sequel movie, Tutto tutto niente niente. [From Wikipedia].

martedì 27 settembre 2016

Almost Wednesday

I won’t say that tomorrow we will be clearly better in every sense than we are today, because I know too many people who speak thus, and I don't like them. So it’s a good reason to jump in the fray on Wednesday, too, joining the wild dance classes of Associazione Culturale “Il Delta della Luna”!

This crazy Komodo definitely isn’t camera shy as it shows off its dance skills for a lucky photographer. Although the limber Rumbaing lizard was busy hunting insects, it still had time to stop and perform a quick dance before dashing off into the bushes in search of its next meal. Photo and caption: ABC News Internet Ventures.

The Self Behind the Self

Olympic Goddess 吴敏霞 (Wú Mǐnxiá) keeps receiving confirmation that maybe she is still too beloved by her fans to retire from competitive diving. She posted the above pictures on her 新浪微博 (Wēibó) account today, and her caption reads, “I still very much enjoy the satisfaction of being someone else after makeup ;‑). Professional is not the same ^ω^. And thanks also to the hotel management and staff for their gift of a gold medal cake. :-))”. Photos:

On and Off the Stage

Sydney, Australia: Members of the Australian Ballet perform during a media preview for the 2017 season at the Capitol Theatre. Photo: Mick Tsikas/EPA.


Arcovazzi is saying to everyone he is a Marvel kinda superhero who has all the sorts of superpowers! According to him, when the night falls, monster rise (but perhaps the same could be said for the day, too), and he transforms himself into “Mr. Muscle”. Well, if bathroom drain is clogged, you know what you have to do: just call the toll-free telephone number; he will be happy to fix a date!

The Metamorphosis: Arcovazzi Day ’n’ Night

What Not to Wear to Save the World
The scales of the pangolin anteater are used in traditional Chinese medicine, despite having no proven medicinal effect. Photo: Alamy.

Back To The Blanket

Washington, D.C., United States: President Barack Obama receives a traditional blanket and hat during the 8th White House Tribal Nations Conference. Photo: ddp USA/Shutterstock.

Sonata for Two Violins

Liverpool, United Kingdom: The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is given a violin lesson by 10-year-old Jessica Kelly during a visit to Faith Primary School. Photo: Stefan Rousseau/PA.

A Thousand Tales

As we learn from the FIDE web site, the Women’s World Chess Championship 2017 is planned to be held at Tehran, Iran, on next February. So far, no other detail was provided.

On a rainy day, a black and a white horse greet visitors at the gate of the chess park at Ajoodaniyeh, Tehran, Iran. Photo:

Stairway to Heaven

An abandoned toilet on the banks of the Mekong river in Laos. The degradation of the water, vital as an economic lifeline for 60 million people, is a great concern for the six Asian nations it flows through. Photo: Barbara Walton/EPA.

The Importance of Not Being Arcovazzi

A dance competition at Sanda Kyarimi Park in Maiduguri, Nigeria, as people enjoy the first Eid al-Adha with no curfew. Photo: Fati Abubakar.

Fortress Europe

Thanks to all those who joined us yesterday! We need you today, too! So even if Tuesday is not your favourite day of the week, just make it a happier day by joining the wild dance classes of Associazione Culturale “Il Delta della Luna”!

Two great-crested grebes perform a “weed dance” in Lake Geneva (le lac de Genève), Switzerland. Photo: The Telegraph.

lunedì 26 settembre 2016

Analyzing the Impossible

Mark Izrailovich Dvoretsky †
Moscow, December 9, 1947 – Moscow, September 26, 2016


The Russian Chess Federation announced today the death of International Master Mark Izrailovich Dvoretsky, Honoured Coach of the Soviet Union, Russia and Georgia, inestimable analyst and researcher, and the author of many best-selling books.

One Day at the Supermarket

Olympic Goddess 吴敏霞 (Wú Mǐnxiá) attended as a special guest the celebrations of 16th anniversary of the 合家福 (JOYMART) Chain Supermarket in 蜀山区 (Shǔshān District), 合肥 (Héféi), 安徽省 (Ānhuī province) on September 17, 2016. All photos by 郑成功 (Zhèng Chénggōng).

Everyone helps hunt the poachers

Queens Birthday Hat

“The Birthday Queen” ™ © Mado Flynn

Handmade in Italy by Mado Flynn

Arcovazzi’s Colonial Development and Welfare Acts

There is little privacy in these public latrines in Kroo Bay, Freetown, Sierra Leone. There is also a security issue, especially for women needing to go to the toilet at night, according to a report by Amnesty International. Photo: Anna Jefferys/IRIN.

Passing Strangers

“I have visited dozens of refugee camps in Greece, Turkey, Syria, Israel and the Gaza Strip and talked with all these people”, 艾未未 (Ài Wèiwèi) told a press conference as he presented his artwork show in Florence, Italy. “Those who are fighting for their freedom are the heroes of today and my work is none other than telling them the profound respect that I have for them”. His Florentine exhibit, dubbed “Ai Weiwei. Libero” (Free), started on Friday and will run until January 22 at Palazzo Strozzi. “I chose Florence for the exhibition because Italy is the country with the most refugees, it never rejects them, unlike other nations”, 艾未未 (Ài Wèiwèi) said.

The exhibit includes some 60 works, from installations to sculptures or photographs. Photo: AFP/Gabriel Bouys.

domenica 25 settembre 2016

Monday’s Mood

Tomorrow is Monday, so we await for you to join the wild dance classes of Associazione Culturale “Il Delta della Luna”! You know Arcovazzi’s gonna try with all his strength to keep you cut off from life, but you also know that following his “good advice” could make you seriously ill, so kick him off and take on dance!

A dancing frog

Hey Everyone!

Olympic Goddess 吴敏霞 (Wú Mǐnxiá) posted the above picture on her 新浪微博 (Wēibó) account on September 24, 2016, to thank all her friends and admirers who constituted a fan club devoted to her. Her caption read, “I thank all you fans of 吴敏霞 (Wú Mǐnxiá)’s fan club. You know we’ve been quite busy founding it. It was a tough task! ”. Photo:

Network of suppliers

A poster illustrates the business venture between UMAWA and its customers in a pit-latrine-emptying venture in Kigamboni district, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Photo: WaterAid/Christina Chacha.

Arcovazzi Burning

Rumpitur invidia quidam, carissime Iuli,
quod me Roma legit, rumpitur invidia.
Rumpitur invidia, quod turba semper in omni
monstramur digito, rumpitur invidia.
Rumpitur invidia, tribuit quod Caesar uterque
ius mihi natorum, rumpitur invidia.
Rumpitur invidia, quod rus mihi dulce sub urbe est
parvaque in urbe domus, rumpitur invidia.
Rumpitur invidia, quod sum iucundus amicis,
quod conviva frequens, rumpitur invidia.
Rumpitur invidia, quod amamur quodque probamur:
rumpatur, quisquis rumpitur invidia.

There is a certain man, my dearest jewel!
That bursts with envy, spite, and malice cruel,
He bursts with envy, ’cause with wit I’m read;
And let him burst; Gods, curse him till he’s dead;
Because I’m pointed out, where-e’er I go,
He bursts with envy; let him burst in two.
Because restored unto my right I am,
He bursts with envy; let him burst and damn;
Because, in town, I’ve got a little box;
He bursts with envy; let him burst and pox;
And in the country too, a rural cot;
He bursts with envy; let him burst and rot;
Because I’m loved for mirth, and reckoned droll,
He bursts with envy; let him burst his soul;
Because in feasts, I’m asked to take a part
He bursts with envy; let him burst his heart;
Let all such wretches ever be accurst,
And burst with envy, who with envy burst.

Crepa di gelosia un tale, o carissimo Giulio,
perché Roma mi legge; crepa di gelosia.
Crepa di gelosia perché sempre in mezzo alla folla
vengo mostrato a dito; crepa di gelosia.
Crepa di gelosia, perché m’hanno dato due Cesari
il diritto di padre; crepa di gelosia.
Crepa di gelosia, perché oltre a una dolce campagna
ho la casetta in città; crepa di gelosia.
Crepa di gelosia, perché son diletto agli amici,
che m’invitano spesso; crepa di gelosia.
Crepa di gelosia, perché son cercato e stimato.
Crepi dunque chiunque crepa di gelosia.

Martial, Epigrams, Book 9, XCVII
English translation by The Gentleman’s Magazine (1753)
Italian translation by Giuseppe Lipparini